What is 22Bole Mall?
  • It is an IT platform where sellers and buyers meet, it consists of virtual shops where merchants manage and sell products meanwhile buyers can easily browse products of the shops and buy products with few clicks.
How to register?
  • Click on create shop button,
  • Choose either of the available packages based on your need
  • Enter your company information
  • Make payment to the package through any of the suitable payment options like Bank wire,M-birr and HelloCash.
  • As soon as you made the payment your account will be ready to use.
  • Now you can login with your credentials to access your shop.
Note: unless you make a payment your account will remain inactive.

What are the benefits for shop owners?
  • Like the physical shops, you can post products for sale/rent.
  • Advertise new products on the featured section of the main page.
  • Buyers can easily see your products by surfing the web and buy your products
  • Shop owners can easily accept orders online.
  • Easily own your shop website with your favorite themes
  • Shop owners can set the available payment option.
  • Shop owners can manage price and  special coupon offers for customers.
  • Shop owners easily see statistical data of the accepted orders, rejected orders.
  • Shop owners can apply tax percentage for products.
Can single item/product owners sell on 22bole Mall ? How?
  • Yes, We have prepared a shop called 22bole collection, which is managed by our administrator.
  • Product owners are required to send:
           the product/item picture,Price,contact address,mobile
  • Address of 22Bole collection:
           Bole Friendship Building, 5th floor, Office no. 506A
           E-mail: mall@22bole.com
           Mobile:0941727272, 0941737373
           Viber Account: 0930491469
           office telephone:
  • For further information: visit 22bole collection shop

How to see list of shops registered on the website?

  • Click on All shops, the system lists down the shops will number of products in it, you can see and shop.
How to get list of products by category?
  • Click on the Shop by category on the left side, it will bring the products arranged in category
How do customers browse products/items?
  • Customers can browse products either by searching using key word, category or price. once you search product/items search criteria, you can filter down using price by moving the slider bar on the right of the products.
How do customers see details of products?
  • Click on the detail button near the product, you can easily get information about the product.
How can customers buy item/product?
  • Click on Add to cart button below the picture, as you click it ,the item will be added to the shopping cart on the top right of the page, once you finish selecting products, click on the shopping cart to see the list of items you choose, 
  • Here you can either  modify your order  or click on the check out to send the order to the product owner.
  • A confirmation message will be sent to product owner and email to buyer.



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